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Amazonia is a glimpse into a climate-ravaged future -- one where the systems that provide food, water, shelter, safety, power, and communications to New Yorkers are all teetering on the verge of collapse. Amazonia attempts to make the size and complexity of climate change tangible, relatable, and specific through the lens of everyday objects, and invites us to imagine futures that currently seem impossible.


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Local and global organizations doing excellent actionable work.

NYC Organizations

National Organizations

Global Organizations

  • Fridays for the Future logo

    Fridays for the Future

    Pressures policymakers to listen to scientific experts about the consequences of climate change and ensure climate justice.

  • Extinction Rebellion logo

    Extinction Rebellion

    Extinction Rebellion A nonpartisan movement that demands governments declare a climate emergency, reach net zero emissions by 2025, and involve citizens in decision-making.

  • Project Drawdown logo

    Project Drawdown

    Open-source and expert-reviewed resource that policymakers, universities, corporations, and activists around the world can turn to for climate solutions

  • Citizens Climate Lobby logo

    Citizens Climate Lobby

    With over 600 local chapters internationally, Citizens’ Climate Lobby builds political support for climate action by empowering individuals to use their own voice.

  • Biomimicry Institute logo

    Biomimicry Institute

    Promote the transfer of ideas, designs, and strategies from biology to sustainable human systems design.